KC Design Group

Versatile clients mean versatile projects - a welcome concept for interior designer Kimberly Colletti, who embraces the ever-changing nature of design. “Every single day is different. New clients, eclectic styles, multiple challenges,” she says. “There is no such thing as boredom here.” As principal designer and owner of KCDG, Kimberly Colletti has been designing commercial and residential spaces for more than 20 years, and become known in the South Bay for her broad range of styles, commitment to quality and attention to detail. “There is nothing cookie-cutter bout the projects we are involved in,” she says, referring to current projects, ranging from a modern new construction in Hermosa Beach and a Mediterranean being built on the bluffs in Palos Verdes, to a California coastal remodel in Lunada Bay. “These are all fabulous projects with completely different aesthetics, with the common thread being that each is casual, yet luxurious in its own right,” she says. Describing the South Bay as “heaven on earth,” Colletti moved from Arizona to California six years ago, trading Paradise Valley for Palos Verdes. “One P.V. for the other,” as she puts it. Since then, she’s put her knowledge, experience, patience, initiative and dedication to work, creating her own design success story in the South Bay. “We believe a home is like a movie,” she tells. “And the design should reveal the story of the homeowners’ lives, room to room, space to space.”

Kimberly Colletti